Corporate culture at 1&1 – A company like no other

Our success is the result of teamwork, and it’s only possible because our employees feel good about working for us and have the motivation to always give their best. Our picture gallery should give you a basic idea of values and benefits.

Get to know our employees as well, and let them tell you about the exciting jobs, prospects and career perspectives we have on offer, because they’re the only ones who can really tell you why they like working for 1&1.

  • Flat hierarchies and transparency:

    Not only is our corporate culture characterised by equality and direct communication, but also by frankness, trust and security. We have established various communication formats, such as the Executive Board Roadshow to maintain this.

  • Company runs:

    Together we are strong! At 1&1, you’ll be part of an ambitious and dynamic team that likes every day to be varied.

    culture company runs
  • Nutrition:

    We take a healthy, balanced diet very seriously. Not only do we have subsidised canteens, our employees also benefit from free fruit and hot and cold beverages.

    culture nutrition
  • Events for the children of our employees:

    We want to say thanks to the mums and dads who are so committed to our company.

    culture kids day
  • High-Tech:

    We have our own high-capacity data centres with more than 70,000 high-end servers and a 300 GBit/s external connection form the ’heart’ of our ’Internet factory’.

    culture data center
  • Legendary company parties:

    At 1&1, we like to celebrate as a team, rather than individually. That’s why every year we all come together at our largest site in Karlsruhe to do just that.

    culture summer party
  • International:

    1&1 operates in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Poland, and Mexico, with subsidiaries in Romania and the Philippines.

    culture international
  • Patrick – Software Developer, one of us since 2013.

    The 1&1 Source Center was the right start for me. I was able to familiarise myself with different working methods and develop a network of contacts before making a final decision on a particular team.

    Culture Patrick
  • Anja – Head of Direct & Customer Sales Hosting, one of us since 2012.

    Teamwork is very important to me. Openness, helpfulness, and a willingness to look at things from a different perspective every now and then are part of that. It’s a great environment for people with initiative and who enjoy sharing ideas.

  • Horst – Expert Software Engineering, one of us since 2005.

    What I like most about 1&1 are the colleagues. If I have a question and approach someone I don’t know in the office to clarify it, I can be sure to find help. Many colleagues have become real friends and we also meet up outside of work.

  • Kenan – Sales Partner Manager, one of us since 2006.

    At 1&1, we support and help each other where possible. Furthermore there are always new opportunities, in a company that is constantly growing.

    culture Kenan
  • Sandro – Apprentice IT Specialist, one of us since 2014.

    Apprentices at 1&1 get to know all the various departments. This helps me to develop my widespread IT knowledge, provides constant support, and helps me to find what I like doing best. From day one I could contribute my ideas and actively make a difference.

  • Katrin – Head of Customer Service MyWebsite, one of us since 2012.

    There’s a big variety in the customers who contact us, and they all have different questions. That’s what makes not only my working day, but also that of my colleagues, different and exciting. As consultants, it’s our job to understand our customers’ needs. That’s how we contribute to the success of our company.

    culture Katrin
  • Stefan – Head of Data Center & Networks, one of us since 1999.

    Our data centers are the company’s technical ’heart’. My team and I make sure that everything goes smoothly. This job combines challenging and versatile features paired with high responsibility.

    culture Stefan
  • Vanessa – B.Sc. Business Studies, one of us since 2013.

    My studies at 1&1 offer me the opportunity to combine theory and practice. I spend each practical phase with a different team – which provides for a very multifaceted training experience. And even though I’m still studying, I can get actively involved in issues and take on projects independently.

  • Nina – Product Manager, one of us since 2008.

    1&1 is not all the same. We have many departments that you wouldn’t even think of at first – such as our editorial department for GMX and WEB.DE. It’s precisely this mix that makes our work at 1&1 so exciting. And the fact that we prefer to do many things ourselves instead of acquiring them from elsewhere shows that we are committed to our products.

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